Arizona Giant Pumpkins

Pumpkins in May! Who could imagine growing giant pumpkins in Arizona. It is indeed possible, and these monster fruits (yes, fruits) are proof of what a few talented growers were able to develop and show at Harper’s Landscape in Scottsdale on May 28, 2016. (Click photos to enlarge)

Arizona's Giant Pumpkins - 410 pounds!
These monster pumpkins can grow 12 to 15 pounds per day even in the Arizona desert!

Arizona's Giant Pumpkins - 410 pounds
Dave Smith with his prize winning 410 pound pumpkin

Arizona's Giant Pumpkins
The largest Arizona pumpkin for 2016 weighed in at a staggering 410 pounds!

First place winner Dave Smith
First place winner Dave Smith with his ribbons, including the prestigious Howard Dill award

2nd place winner Ron Watkins
First time grower Ron Watkins takes 2nd place with his impressive 283 pound pumpkin

2nd place winner Ron Watkins Ribbons
Ribbons for 2nd place winner Ron Watkins, including his Personal Best award

Arizona's Giant Pumpkins
Judges and Arizona’s giant pumpkin winners (l to r), Lee Perry, Linda Astromowics, Dean Baker, Ron Watkins, Dave Smith, and Wendy Woodward.

Arizona's Giant Pumpkins
The largest Arizona pumpkin for 2016 was grown by Dave Smith and weighed an amazing 410 pounds! While huge, it still came in a little short of the all time record for Arizona pumpkins when Dean Baker’s giant pumpkin weighed in last year at a massive 486 pounds. Who will be the first to break the Arizona giant pumpkin record, and will it be with a 500 pound pumpkin next year?

2016 Arizona Giant Pumpkin Contest Hosted by:
Harper’s Landscape & Garden Centre
2529 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257